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Best Counselling

With the help of our advisors and counsellors you can figure out the best course for you.

Special Scholarships

We can help you get scholarships so that you can go to the college of your long days of dreams.

Pick up & Accomodation

International students will have their transport and accommodation arranged.

Visa Assistance

We will help international students with the visa application process.


Students are confused about which educational institute to choose as there are a large number of institutions that provide several courses. The mission of ZONE International is to help students select the best educational institution and country which will serve them best.
Maintaining ties with various educational institutions all over the world, ZONE International has adequate experience in helping candidates access the best universities. Our experienced counsellors can guide the students in the right direction and have a stable and fulfilling career.
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As the cost of studying in colleges and universities in reputed academic institutes has increased manifold, a majority of the students rely either on student loans or scholarship grants to afford the tuition. There are several banks and other financial institutions that offer loans at seemingly lucrative rates, but there could be a lot of hidden charges and fine print, and students could be misled into securing loans at unfavourable rates or terms.
At ZONE International, we have detailed information about all the various scholarships offered, and can assist students in applying for the right loans at the right rates from the right lenders, and can guide students to apply for scholarships based on the course and the institute.
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Pick up and Accommodation

Finding yourself in a foreign land all by yourself and having no confirmed accommodation can be extremely difficult. At ZONE International, we help arrange temporary accommodation, so that they have a place to go to immediately on arrival. We also provide airport pickup facility for the student on arrival at the host country as it can be stressful to travel to an unknown country and have to do everything by yourself; it helps to see a friendly and familiar face at the outset.
We brief students about the place and institute, the culture, banking and insurance system, medical facilities, food, shopping and so on, and drop the student to a temporary accommodation.
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Visa Assistance

A student’s visa application may get rejected if the information provided is incomplete or incorrect in any manner. Students need an experienced guide to assist them with the visa application process, including the interview. In the case where a student is going abroad for their university education, we brief them about what to expect as a student in that institute and country.
We also help students purchase discounted tickets for their travel including specifying meal preferences on-flight, foreign exchange, and so on.
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