About us

About us

ZONE International is an International Student Recruiter, situated in United Kingdom. We aim to provide exceptional services to students aspiring to pursue further quality education in the UK.

ZONE International provides quality services and reliable information to our students all across the globe with only their best interests in mind. And not just in the beginning, we are there with our clients every step of the way.

Our counselors are trained specialists who have helped thousands of students find their perfect university. We offer a multitude of services ranging from finding the right university, career counselling, pick-up and accommodation services and help with the student visa application process to ensure it goes as smoothly as possible.

Why choose Zone INTL?

Students are looking to pursue higher education at nations like the UK, as the international exposure would be an incredible advantage for their career prospects in the future. ZONE helps students understand what their best choices are and help them move where they wish to go.

Using our expertise, experience and resources we can identify the most suitable university for each student.

We hope to help each and every student find the right fit and create opportunities for the student's personal growth through quality international education and unparalleled support from our side. We believe we have succeeded when our clients have succeeded.