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    Not only do we help you understand which university to join, we inform you about the courses with the best career scopes that match your skills and interests.
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About us

Welcome to Zone International

ZONE International is an International Student Recruiter, situated in United Kingdom. We aim to provide exceptional services to students aspiring to pursue further quality education in the UK.

Students are looking to pursue higher education at nations like the UK, as the international exposure would be an incredible advantage for their career prospects in the future. ZONE helps students understand what their best choices are and help them move where they wish to go. Using our expertise, experience and resources we can identify the most suitable university for each student.

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Career Counselling

With the help of our advisors and counsellors you can figure out the best course for you.

Scholarship Assistance

We can help you get scholarships so that you can go to the college of your long days of dreams.

Pick up & Accomodation

International students will have their transport and accommodation arranged.

Visa Assistance

We will help international students with the visa application process.

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